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The only Zen found on mountains is the Zen you bring there.

2020 has been a year of upheaval and uncertainty. Even in in the best of times, yoga and wellness can be a powerful force for stability and personal development. When the world seems in a state of turmoil, the balance and tranquillity of a spiritual, yoga-based lifestyle becomes even more crucial to maintaining a positive mindset. A strong connection with your innermost self is a vital tool in retaining emotional strength in the face of adversity.

Are you looking for an accessible wellness solution but are unable to attend a retreat?

Do you learn best in a supportive learning environment with an interactive community?

Do you prefer to learn at your own pace with full control over your daily schedule?

The Vikasa Academy is delighted to bring you a selection of our favorite Vikasa courses and experiences in the safety and comfort of your home. Continue your personal development online by embracing a positive, healthy lifestyle. Learning new skills will give you a renewed sense of energy and control over your life. Interacting with our wonderful community will help you stay connected through isolation and give a much needed sense of peace and togetherness. We might not be able to control the world, but we can control ourselves, raise our energy and choose our community.

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What are the benefits?


 open doors and keep yourself inspired. 


develop better habits for lasting changes. 


with yoga pros and like minded students.


your knowledge and establish solid practice.


raise your vibration with practice and learning.


rewatch courses as much as you want.

Why choose Vikasa Academy for Online Courses?

The Vikasa Academy has certified 1000 yoga teachers. We practice what we preach which means living a lifestyle that carries far beyond just the yoga mat. Our approach is holistic and includes several angles of healthy lifestyle which draws you nearer to your happiest and most authentic self. More than ten years ago, Vikasa’s owner and founder, Kosta Miachin, set out to find a more meaningful way of living and raising global vibrations. 

The Vikasa Lifestyle in based on nine key lifestyle pillars:  positive mindset, spirituality, self-love, creativity, movement, breath, nutrition, environment, abundance and connection.  These all feature in the online service, but most of all in the current climate we emphasize connection. In an era defined by division and isolation, we delight in bringing to our students the benefit of being part of a like-minded community that embraces the lifestyle.

How does this online thing work exactly? Online courses are distance-learning versions of existing programs offered at Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui, including our popular 200-hour yoga teacher training course. These are not shortened syllabuses, in fact they are even juicier with loads of freebies and extras for a fraction of the cost. You will be taught the same range of skills and receive the same quality of certification as you would if you were attending the course at Vikasa Yoga Retreat in person.

In fact, there are several advantages to the online experience! You can stream any practice or any lecture at any time, with the fee including online access to this fabulous content. While we recommend that you dedicate at least an hour or two every day to the course, we understand that other commitments in your daily routine may not permit this. One key advantage of the online format is that you can choose when to practice and learn. Lectures and classes are broken down into bite-size chunks so that you can absorb information in your own time and take a break between sessions.

As the course material can be enjoyed over a longer period, we have added additional bonus content only available to our online students to widen the range of skills taught. Unlike taking live classes in large groups, with our online service you are guaranteed personalized feedback from your teacher after every session. Simply upload videos of your practice and teaching and you will receive detailed feedback from your Vikasa yoga instructor.

To retain the strong community aspect of the Vikasa experience, we will also give you access to our exclusive social media and chat groups so that you can communicate with other Vikasa students. Share your experiences, tips, recipes, and morale-boosting support with like-minded yoga enthusiasts.

Finally, in these times of financial uncertainty, we are glad to say it’s a cost-effective option compared to visiting us here at the Vikasa yoga retreat.