Kosta Miachin
Founder & Teacher

Born in the Soviet Union, raised in Latvia and then Canada, Kosta Miachin has led a life full of travel and transformation. Kosta’s journey into yoga has taken him to the far reaches of the world; from remote Himalayan ashrams, healing camps in India, to his initiation by a master monk in a sacred Sak-Yant ceremony in Thailand. But it was the little island of Koh Samui that he eventually called home – opening the VIKASA Yoga Retreat on 11.11.11. For the best part of a decade, Kosta has overseen the rise of what has become a cosmopolitan hub for yogis worldwide. He believes that yoga can be a tool of transformation: a means to helping individuals evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

Mikey Lazano
Yoga Teacher

Liverpool fire-fighter Michael Lazano, first came to yoga as a means for increasing flexibility, but after discovering how much more there is to this ancient practice, quickly fell in love. This actually happened on a visit to VIKASA for a yoga holiday. He soon came back and completed both his 200 and 300 hour Teacher Trainings here, before eventually returning permanently, to beautiful Koh Samui and taking a place on the VIKASA teacher team. Although Mikey only found yoga later on in life, in many ways he was born into the lifestyle. Raised as a vegetarian with a strong spiritual and moral compass and a philosophy completely aligned with the ancient yogic texts, he always felt a pull to help and serve.

Niki Lundberg
Yoga Teacher

Niki came in contact with yoga during a busy, stressful time of her life and fell in love with the way it her feel; moving her closer to her inner self. From that day, yoga has taken her on a beautiful journey from Sweden in to the world; holding classes, running workshops, retreats and trainings in Thailand, India and Australia. Niki is an experienced teacher with a background of traditional Hatha Yoga, Akhanda Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Tantra and breath-work, and finds inspiration from people, nature and life. For Niki, yoga is all about moving from the head and the thinking, into the body and the feeling. She teaches breath and movements to guide you into the present moment and deeper into yourself.

Boris Lauser
Chef & Teacher

Boris Lauser is a Raw Food & Plant Based Chef from Berlin, Germany. Boris loves food, flavors and traveling the world to explore the traditional cuisines and their spices and aromas. Boris is responsible for the Plant Based Menu at the highly praised Vikasa Life Cafe in his position as Creative Chef. Boris has published one of the most complete books on raw food, ‘Go Raw Be Alive’ and recently also creates online courses, for example his latest course The Fermentation Masterclass. As a trainer and gastro coach, Boris has influenced several chefs in restaurants and hotels with his approach to plant based food. His Raw Food Master Class is available here at Vikasa Academy. 

Michael Murray
Yoga Teacher

While initially drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, Michael remains stimulated by the interplay between the physical practice and the more spiritual, inner-journey that can be opened up by the physical practice.  In pursuit of this interplay, Michael teaches strong and flowy vinyasa classes focussed both on correct alignment and intuitive movement and also facilitates discussions and lectures on emotional intelligence and personal development.  His background as a finance lawyer, Michael understands the importance of rationality and analysis but also the need, at times, to move beyond these concepts, out of the head and into the body.

Alicia Casillas
Yin Yoga Teacher

Alicia was born in Spain and became a professional athlete at just fourteen. She first turned to Yoga to recover from a serious physical injury acquired during her career as a swimmer. Through yoga, she discovered how to connect and balance her mind, body and soul. Alicia specializes in yin as the core of her teaching style and she is one of the few TRUE Yin Yoga teachers out there. With her soft and soothing Spanish aura, Alicia has the perfect tonality for a relaxing yin session. More importantly, what comes through in her voice and approach is her authenticity and genuine care for students. She creates a sacred space for students to absorb her wonderful instruction.

Alexy Vyazovov
Philisophy Teacher

A truly passionate and dedicated Yogi, Alex began his journey into Yoga 20 years ago when he began to question the state of consciousness in the world around him feeling the essence of something divine present but not seeing this manifested in the values and actions of those around him, he started his search for truth. He spent 5 years dedicated only to his practice, living in solitude and isolation, studying scriptures, and practicing meditations which helped him to realize his purpose and enabled him to release limiting and destructive mindsets and aims to share the essence of Yoga as it was traditionally taught to help people realize the ultimate truth.

Sarah Savage
Health Teacher

Sarah’s passion for health, wellness and yoga brought her to Thailand in 2016 where she began her path in wellness hospitality. Her passion for helping people on an individual and societal level has led her to a more hands-on approach as she coaches people who struggle to find their most authentic self in an un often unhealthy world. Her background in operations helps her craft practical health solutions for her students which they can implement into their daily lives. She teaches a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle which balances the physical, mental, energetic and emotional qualities of human progress and lasting transformation.